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January 3rd Uncategorized

How to Get the Most Natural Facelift Results

How to Get the Most Natural Facelift Results

Many people are hesitant to consider a surgical facelift for fear of getting a fake or “pulled” appearance. While unnatural results do occur, they are rare and usually result from a poorly trained or inexperienced surgeon. Board-certified plastic surgeons like Dr. Trenton Jones know that natural facelift results not only encompass tightening of the skin but also include overall tightening of the muscular and soft tissue layer, known as the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS), below it. By contouring the deeper structures of the face, Dr. Jones achieves the most natural facelift results for his patients.

Natural Results: SMAS Facelift

The technique of tightening the SMAS has been the standard approach for the traditional facelift for many years now. The most dramatic yet natural-looking results occur with a full SMAS facelift with the incisions on either side of the face beginning at the temple and extending down and around the ear to the lower scalp. These incisions are well hidden within the hairline. If a neck lift is performed at the same time, there will also be a small incision beneath the chin. Fat is also removed or repositioned to rejuvenate the facial contours and provide a smooth foundation for the skin. The final combined results of tighter skin, reduced wrinkles, and a defined jawline can make a facelift patient appear up to ten years younger.

Natural Results: Liquid Facelift

Those who are still hesitant about a surgical facelift can “try on” surgery with what many call a liquid facelift. The liquid facelift can be one or a combination of a few temporary injectables that reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles without any downtime. These include BOTOX® Cosmetic, Restylane®, RADIESSE®, and JUVÉDERM®, all of which are offered at Cascade Cosmetic Surgery Center and Medical Spa. During your initial consultation, Dr. Jones will discuss your desires and assess your facial appearance to help determine which injectable(s) will best meet your needs.

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