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October 18th Uncategorized

Tummy Tucks 101

Tummy Tucks 101

Abdominoplasty, or more commonly called tummy tuck, have become an extremely popular procedure for women especially. This is because of the huge success rates, getting rid of annoying fat pockets in your tummy has never been easier.

To help you learn more about tummy tucks and how they can help you, our team here at Cascade Cosmetic Surgery Center and Medical Spa in Utah County, Utah, is happy to provide you with information on this popular procedure. Yet, where to begin?

Begins with an evaluation

As with any procedure Dr. Cascade Cosmetic Surgery Center and Medical Spa performs here in Utah County, Utah, you won’t undergo a tummy tuck until the completion of a thorough evaluation. This evaluation goes over your general health, as well as the results you want to see from the procedure, which leads us to the actual procedure.

Recovery time

After the procedure, the recovery time for a tummy tuck is relatively short. You’ll likely experience some pain and discomfort for a few days afterward, but you’ll likely be able to return to work quickly.

If you still have questions about tummy tucks and would like to know if they are right for you, please call us today at 801-762-8989, and set up a consultation. A member of our friendly staff is happy to take your call and address any questions or concerns you may have. So, call us today and let us help you feel confident in time for the holidays!

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